About KVC  

Kelani Valley Canneries Ltd., (KVC), a manufacturer and exporter of processed tropical fruits and vegetables, was established in 1968 and is a member of C.W.Mackie PLC Group. KVC’s customers span the globe from North America and Western Europe to the Far East. This wide export market and the strong commitment to the manufacture of superior quality products has won KVC prestigious Presidential Exports Awards and Merit Awards over the last 2 decades.

KVC is equipped to offer both thermally sterilized and frozen products. The products range from Sauces, Jams, Cordials, Nectars, Chutneys, Treacle, Fruit Juices, Fruit Pulp, Canned fruits & vegetables to Pickles, Pastes, Sambols & Vinegar were introduced to the Sri Lankan market in 1999. As such, KVC makes   available a range of sweet and savoury fruit and vegetable products that are invaluable to homes, catering and the hospitality industries.

KVC products are now a household name obtaining the Sri Lanka Standards Certification in 2002. KVC sweet and savoury fruit and vegetable products have now made its mark in the international arena and are widely available in Europe, Canada, Australia, USA, Japan, Singapore and the Middle East.

The integration of KVC with the C.W.Mackie PLC Group, a leading conglomerate in Sri Lanka, through its strong marketing arm, Scan Products Division, will spearhead the thrust in taking KVC products to consumers throughout the Island. With the new network of highways and easy access to the North, we intend establishing an Island wide network of retailers. In addition to the KVC range, C.W.MackiePLC, through its Scan Product Division also manufactures, imports, markets and distributes FMCG’s specializing in the food and beverage category, which includes branded international and local products such as Sunquick, Jumbo Peanuts, Kotagala Kahata Tea,Bottled Drinking Water,  Ovaltine, Star Essences & Colourings, Ocean Fresh Tuna and Jack Mackerel.

  Our Vision  
  To be the national leader in the manufacture of fruit and vegetable products , and to expand our impact in the international market.  
  Our Mission  
To produce a range of sweet and savoury fruit and vegetable products that transcend the highest quality ensuring customer satisfaction by offering customer focused product development in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
KVC is situated in the Western Province of Sri Lanka within the Greater Colombo Municipal limits in the Kelani Valley Basin, which has the highest rainfall in the country. Hanwella is also centrally located in relationship to the fruit growing areas.
  How to reach us  

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Manufactured by
Kelani Valley Canneries Limited
No : 436, Kaluaggala, Hanwella, Sri Lanka
Tel : +94 36 225 5090 | Fax : +94 36 225 4235
E-mail : info@kvcsrilanka.com
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